About Us

Ibrahim Attalla has served as travel agent over 40 years exclusively in the Egyptian tourist trade. Over the past 25 years he has not only survived the post-Gulf War travel trade roller coaster but has developed proven methods for thriving hotel success.

Hotels on the Red Sea are constantly fighting each other in losing price battle. The industry is almost forcing you to lower prices or sell rooms at a loss just to get noticed.

If you are dependent on tour operators, there is very little control over how to stand out and show off what sets your Red Sea hotel ahead of all the others.

After just 30 days of using Ibrahim’s proven methods, one hotelier in the Red Sea increased his repeat booking rate from 20%-50%. He saw a 30% increase of business that he was completely missing before.

Your hotel is unique and with the correct positioning you can easily rise above the rest.

Are you ready to take back control and stand out from all of the competition?

  • Get More bookings
  • Greater independence from the tour operators
  • High occupancy rates
  • Superior room rates
  • Increased cash value per guests
  • And better online reviews